Step By Step

initial meeting to obtain client's requirements.

Send quote to be signed and returned.

Return to house to complete a measured survey. (This does not take too long and requires nothing from the client besides maybe a cheeky cuppa!)

Measured survey drawn up.

Designs drawn up with multiple options if possible, including 3D photo-realistic images. We also offer 3D fly-thrus at an additional cost.

Measured survey and designs sent to client. Any changes required included in initial quote price.

If required, these drawings, along with forms and any extra information, to the local planning authority in application for a planning approval. The council require a fee for this that we will inform you of at the application stage.

Planning applications can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for a decision. This is usual for any planning authority.

Once planning has been approved, building regulations may be required. If so we will quote again for these detailed drawings.

We will then send you the completed building regulation drawings and once confirmed, make a building regulation submission to the local authority.

Once these are approved you can start work on site. You can do this 48 hours after the submission, but this is at the client's own risk.

We can recommend builders for you or you can go your own way from here on in.